What kind of articles are we publishing?

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Scope of CCS Chemistry 

CCS Chemistry is positioned as the flagship journal of CCS. The first issue is expected to be available by the end of 2018. With a principle“the first or the best", CCS Chemistry is expected to be a general chemical journal with high academic value that focuses on publishing truly inspiring research achievements, such as new concepts/mechanisms/methods/materials/reactions/applications or by far the best research achievement in a certain area like the highest efficiency/yield, etc. 

The journal covers synthetic chemistry, catalysis & surface chemistry, chemical theory and mechanism, chemical metrology, materials & energy chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical biology, chemical engineering and industrial chemistry, but the scope is not limited to these topics. 

Content Types 

CCS Chemistry currently publishes three types of content: Communication, Full Article and Mini-Review. 

(1) Communication 

A Communication presents high novelty work with innovative research ideas.The length of a communication should not exceed 2-4 pages, including all text from abstract through the end of the main text . 

(2) Full Article 

Articles in CCS Chemistry should report original, systematic and comprehensive studies with high novelty and general interests to the chemistry community. The length of a full article should not exceed 8 pages. 

(3) Mini-Review 

A  Mini-Review is an authoritative and comprehensive overview of a research topic. Based on a mini summary of the research development, the authors should focus on the perspective of a specific area. The length of a mini-review is limited to 10 pages and should cite no more than 100 references.

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