What should be submitted?

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The manuscript texts are strongly encouraged to incorporate with the figures inserted at the appropriate positions. Besides the manuscript files, you should also provide a cover letter, TOC graphic, Figures/Charts/Tables and any supporting information. 

•      Cover Letter 

•      TOC graphic 

•      Manuscripts text 

•      Figures/Charts/Tables

•      Supporting information 

(1) Cover Letter 

A cover letter created as a Word or PDF file must be submitted with the manuscript. A brief statement explaining about the importance  of your work and why it is appropriate for the journal should be included in the author’s cover letter. Besides that, some other points should be provided in cover letter: 

•      corresponding author’s name, postal and e-mail  addresses and telephone numbers;

•      a suggestion of an appropriate Associate Editor of  CCS Chemistry, as to help address the letter to the  relevant Associate Editor or Executive Editor. But the final assignment is determined by the Editor;

•      6-8 persons competent to review the manuscript.  Authors could also request that specific people not be used as referees, and reasons for both should be cleared;

•      explicit assurance that the manuscript is not under  consideration for publication and has not been published elsewhere in any medium including electronic journals and computer databases of a public nature. 

The cover letter is not shared with the referees. 

(2) TOC graphic

A Table of Contents (TOC) that contains a graphic presentation for each manuscript (Communication and Article) should be submitted. The TOC graphic gives the reader a quick visual representation of the essence of the paper and thereby capture the reader’s attention. The graphic must be entirely original, unpublished artwork created by one or more of the authors. It may be a key structure, reaction, equation, concept, or theorem, etc., or an ingenious representation thereof, that is discussed in the manuscript. The use of colors for visual impact is encouraged. The TOC graphic must appear on the last page of the Communication or Article manuscript file. 

(3) Manuscripts 

See  how to prepare your manuscripts to CCS Chemistry?  

You can submit the manuscript file in PDF or Word formats. 

All pages should be numbered consecutively. 

(4) Figures/Charts/Tables

Figures should be provided at the best resolution available (minimum 600 dpi).

Line drawings (including lines, text, anchors and fillers) should be editable in AI or CDR drawing software. Enlargement or reduction dose not reduce the clarity of the drawings. Commonly used formats are excel, eps, emf, wmf, ai, cdr, origin, chemdraw, etc. Please ensure that the text and lines on the picture are editable.

All the Figures, Charts and Tables can be inserted into the manuscript, and must be sent to the editorial office as files. 

(5) Electronic Supporting Information (ESI) 

A separated file (PDF or Word) that contains supporting experimental details such as step-by-step synthesis procedures, compounds characterization methods and data, spectra, and crystallographic information files should be submitted to supplement the main text. This can be helpful for referees to evaluate and for readers to replicate the experiments. Videos/movies may be included as Supporting Information if necessary. 

Supporting information is not copy-edited. All places in main text that refer to the information of supplementary should note “see the supporting information” at the end of the specific sentence. 

All pages of supporting should be numbered consecutively starting with page S1.

All supplementary Note or Methods  (e.g. Table, Figure, Video, Audio, Note, Data, Discussion, Equations) should not be numbered separate from that used in the main article, for example, "Supporting Table 1" or "Supporting Figure 2" is recommended. A brief title for each is needed.


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