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When a revision is requested after peer review, the authors must return the revised manuscript promptly: 15 days is allotted for Communications, 30 days for Articles and Mini Reviews, and 40 days for Reviews. Once over the limited time, a revised manuscript will be handled as a new submission and will be given a new receipt date. 

The revised version is normally sent back to some or all of the original referees for re-review. The decision letter will specify a deadline, and revisions that are returned within this period will retain their original submission date. 

In cases where the referees’ concerns are more wide-ranging, editors will normally decline publication of the manuscript. If the editors feel the work is of potential interest to the journal, they may express interests in seeing a future resubmission. The resubmitted manuscript may be sent back to the original referees or to new referees, at the editors’ discretion. In such cases, revised manuscripts will not retain their earlier submission date.

 An invited revision should be submitted via the revision link to the online submission system provided in the decision letter, not as a new manuscript. The revised manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter that includes a point-by-point response to referees’ comments and an explanation of how the manuscript has been changed. The submission of a version of the Article that highlights or tracks the changes made on revision can also be helpful for reviewers and editors during its assessment. 

The official date of receipt will be recorded as the date that the revised manuscript is received in the Editorial Office in the complete and proper format.

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