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CCS Chemistry is a new journal launched by Chinese Chemical Society in 2018, which is positioned as the flagship journal. CCS Chemistry aims to be one prime chemical journal that focuses on publishing truly inspiring research, such as new concepts /mechanisms /methods/materials /reactions/applications etc., as well as highlights the centrality of chemistry to many fields, including but not limited to biomedicine, nanotechnology, energy, and earth and planetary sciences.

With the principle of “the first and the best”, CCS Chemistry will be a strictly selective journal, publishing around 150 articles per year - a size where the community can easily follow and keep up with research across a broad range of topics. Communications, full-articles and mini-reviews will be included in each issue.

The first issue is scheduled to be published late 2018.


Contact information:

Dr. Linxiao Hao, Dr. Sukun Zhou;;


Zhongguancun North 1st Street 2, 100190, Beijing.

Address:Zhongguancun North First Street 2,100190 Beijing, PR China Tel: +86-010-82449177-888
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