Citation: Xiuting Gao, Nana Chen, Minglei Cao, Yang Shi, Qingfu Zhang. A Water-Stable 3D Eu(Ⅲ)-Organic Framework as a Bi-Functional Ratiometric Luminescent Sensor for Fast, Sensitive and Selective Detection of ODZ and Hg2+ in Aqueous Media[J]. Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry, ;2022, 41(11): 221111. doi: 10.14102/j.cnki.0254-5861.2022-0171 shu

A Water-Stable 3D Eu(Ⅲ)-Organic Framework as a Bi-Functional Ratiometric Luminescent Sensor for Fast, Sensitive and Selective Detection of ODZ and Hg2+ in Aqueous Media

  • Corresponding author: Qingfu Zhang,
  • Received Date: 22 July 2022
    Accepted Date: 22 August 2022
    Available Online: 30 August 2022


  • The fast, sensitive and selective detection of some antibiotics and heavy metal cations in water is highly desirable for environmental protection and human health, but it is still currently challenging. In this work, a new luminescent Eu(III)-based metal-organic framework (MOF), {[(CH3)2NH2][Eu(L)2(H2O)2]·xDMF}n (1) [H2L = 4, 4'-((naphthalene-1, 4-dicarbonyl)bis(azanediyl))dibenzoic acid], was solvothermally synthesized. Complex 1 exhibits good water stability and luminescent property and could serve as a bi-functional ratiometric luminescent sensor for fast, sensitive and selective detection of ornidazole (ODZ) and Hg2+ in aqueous solution. The corresponding luminescent mechanism has also been discussed. This work indicates that 1 as a promising luminescent material exhibits luminescent quenching behavior for ODZ and luminescent enhancement behavior for Hg2+ in H2O, which will promote the practical application of Ln-MOF-based ratiometric luminescent sensors in monitoring antibiotics and metal ions pollutants in the environmental water matrices.
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