Citation: Yan Yang, Shuting Xu, Yanli Gai, Bo Zhang, Lian Chen. Recent Progresses in Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks (Ln-MOFs) as Chemical Sensors for Ions, Antibiotics and Amino Acids[J]. Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry, ;2022, 41(11): 221104. doi: 10.14102/j.cnki.0254-5861.2022-0138 shu

Recent Progresses in Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks (Ln-MOFs) as Chemical Sensors for Ions, Antibiotics and Amino Acids

  • Author Bio: Yan Yang received her Ph.D. degree in 2017 from Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the supervision of Prof. Maochun Hong. Subsequently, she started her teaching career at College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Liaocheng University. Her research interests focus on the synthesis and practical applications of lanthanide metal-organic frameworks for chemical sensors
    Shuting Xu received her B.Sc. degree from Liaocheng University in 2022. In the same year, she was admitted to the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Liaocheng University to pursue a M.Sc. degree under the supervision of Ph.D Yan Yang. Her research mainly focuses on the synthesis of lanthanide metal-organic frameworks and their applications for chemical sensors
    Yanli Gai received her Ph.D. degree from Fujian Institute Research on the Structural Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Feilong Jiang and Prof. Maochun Hong. She joined the faculty at Jiangsu Normal University in 2015, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2019. She worked as a visiting scholar in University of California at Riverside in 2017-2018. Her current research interests focus on metal-organic coordination polymers for chemical sensors, photo/chemochromism, and solid adsorbents for gas adsorption and separation
    Bo Zhang was born in Shandong, P. R. China. He received his Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Xiaoying Huang. In the same year, he joined the faculty at College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Liaocheng University. His research interests focus on the design of energy and environment-related functional materials
    Lian Chen graduated from Fudan University and received the B. Sc in 2002. From 2002 to 2007, she studied in Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter (FJIRSM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and received her Ph.D. degree in 2007 under the supervision of Prof. Maochun Hong. Then, she joined the faculty at FJIRSM, CAS and was promoted to full research professor in 2018. Her research interests focus on the synthesis and property studies of organic-inorganic hybrid luminescent materials
  • Corresponding author: Yan Yang, Lian Chen,
  • Received Date: 26 May 2022
    Accepted Date: 29 June 2022
    Available Online: 5 July 2022


  • Various ions and antibiotics, widely used in industry and clinical medicine, respectively, are massively discharged to atmosphere and water, resulting in severe pollutions on environment and potential threats to human health. Besides, amino acids, the primary substances for the establishment of proteins, cells and tissues, are crucial to human health. Therefore, seeking effective and practicable materials to detect aforesaid analytes is vitally meaningful. Metal-organic frameworks centered with lanthanide ions (Ln-MOFs), also known as lanthanide coordination polymers, are considered as a charming category of multi-functional hybrid crystalline materials with fascinating structures and incomparable luminescent characteristics. Benefited from their unique merits, Ln-MOFs have been largely developed as excellent luminescent sensors for fast and efficient sensing various analytes. In this review, we aim to introduce some of the recent researches between 2018 to 2022 on Ln-MOFs applied as chemical sensors for ions, antibiotics and amino acids based on luminescent quenching and enhancing effects, and provide an update and summary for the latest progresses in this field.
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