Citation: Zhen-Yue Yang, Xiao-Fei Tian, Li-Jun Liu, Ji-Zhong Chen. Role of Hydrodynamic Interactions in the Deformation of Star Polymers in Poiseuille Flow[J]. Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, ;2020, 38(4): 363-370. doi: 10.1007/s10118-020-2346-5 shu

Role of Hydrodynamic Interactions in the Deformation of Star Polymers in Poiseuille Flow

  • Corresponding author: Li-Jun Liu, Ji-Zhong Chen,
  • Received Date: 7 July 2019
    Revised Date: 6 August 2019
    Available Online: 24 October 2019

  • Stretching polymer in fluid flow is a vital process for studying and utilizing the physical properties of these molecules, such as DNA linearization in nanofluidic channels. We studied the role of hydrodynamic interactions (HIs) in stretching a free star polymer in Poiseuille flow through a tube using mesoscale hydrodynamic simulations. As increasing the flow strength, star polymers migrate toward the centerline of tube due to HIs, whereas toward the tube wall in the absence of HIs. By analyzing the end monomer distribution and the perturbed flow around the star polymer, we found that the polymer acts like a shield against the flow, leading to additional hydrodynamic drag forces that compress the arm chains in the front of the star center toward the tube axis and lift the arm chains at the back toward the tube wall. The balanced hydrodynamic forces freeze the polymer into a trumpet structure, where the arm chains maintain a steady strongly stretched state at high flow strength. In contrast, the polymer displays remarkably large conformational change when switching off HIs. Our simulation results explained the coupling between HIs and the structure of star polymers in Poiseuille flow.
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