Unsymmetric Side Chains of Indacenodithiophene Copolymers Lead to Improved Packing and Device Performance

Ying Yang Tong Shan Jian Cao Hua-Chun Wang Ji-Kang Wang Hong-Liang Zhong Yun-Xiang Xu

Citation:  Ying Yang, Tong Shan, Jian Cao, Hua-Chun Wang, Ji-Kang Wang, Hong-Liang Zhong, Yun-Xiang Xu. Unsymmetric Side Chains of Indacenodithiophene Copolymers Lead to Improved Packing and Device Performance[J]. Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, 2020, 38(4): 342-348. doi: 10.1007/s10118-020-2342-9 shu

Unsymmetric Side Chains of Indacenodithiophene Copolymers Lead to Improved Packing and Device Performance


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