1999 Volume 10 Issue 8

A Novel Photoproduct of 2-Methoxycytosine in Phosphate Solution Under Far UV Irradiation
Feng LIN , Jin Long WU , Xiao Wei FAN
1999, 10(8): 623-624
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Under the irradiation of medium pressure mercury lamp(MPML)the photolysis of 2-methoxycyosine (MAP) in phosphate solution leads to the production of a novel compound C5H8N3O5P. The composition and structure of the compound has been identified by elemental analysis. EI-MS. UV. IR.1H.31P-NMR.
A New Rearrangement Reaction of 2-Phenyl Substituted Benzothiazepine with Ethoxycarbonyl Carbene─Mechanism of the Reaction and Structure of the Product
Hong Zhong WANG , Dan YAO , Ruo Xi LAN , Jia Xi XU , Sheng JIN
1999, 10(8): 625-628
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2,3-Dihydro-2-phenyl-4-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1,5-benzothiazepine reacts with ethoxy-carbonyl carbene to give an unexpected compound 2,3-disubstituted-4H-1,4-benzothiazine . It was found to be a new rearrangement reaction and the structure of the product was confirmed by IR, NMR, MS.
High Diastereoselectivity in the Conjugate Addition of Functionalized Alcohols to a Chiral(E)-Nitroalkene
Qian CHENG , Takayuki ORITANI , Alfred HASSNER
1999, 10(8): 629-632
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Modest to high diastereoselectivites have been observed in the conjugate addition of functionalized alcohols to chiral (E)-nitroalkene 1 depending on the presence of metal catalysts at low temperature. The results indicated that the anti-form had been preferred in all cases.
Reduction of o-and p-Bromomethylbenzylidenemalononitrile by1-Benzyl-1,4-dihydronicotinamide
Hong Yi WANG , You Cheng LIU , Jin Zhi CHEN , Qing Xiang GUO
1999, 10(8): 633-636
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o-Bromomethylbenzylidenemalononitrile 4 is reduced by 1-benzyl-1,4-dihydronicotinamide (BNAH, 1) to give 2,2-indanedicarbonitrile 6 and p-bromomethylbenzylidene malononitrile 5 is reduced by BNAH to give 7 and 8 by hydride transfer mechanism.
Ring Enlargement of Alkaloids
Yu Xin LIU , Shu Feng CHEN , Xiao Tian LIANG
1999, 10(8): 637-640
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The procedure for the ring enlargement of N-heterocycles with the net result of CH2 insertion was successfully carried out with certain alkaloids such as tetrahydroberberine and strychnine.
Synthesis of α-Selenoesters and α-Thiolesters via Sm/SbCl3 System in Aqueous Media
Gen Liang LU , Yong Min ZHANG
1999, 10(8): 641-642
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α-Selenoesters and α-thiolesters are synthesized via reactions of α-bromoesters with diselenides and disulfides promoted by Sm/SbCl3 system in aqueous media in moderate to good yields.
A Convenient Synthesis of Pyrazolylpyrazoles Using α-Oxo Ketene S,S-and N,S-Acetals
Han Song CHEN , Zheng Ming LI , Zhong Wen WANG
1999, 10(8): 643-646
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Substituted pyrazolylpyrazoles were synthesized through the reaction of hydrazine hydrate and α-oxo-(3,5-dimethyl-lH-pyrazole-1一yl) ketene S,S-and N.S-acetals, which were obtained from α-oxo-(3,5-dimethyl-lH-pyrazole-l-yl) acetophenone. Pyrazolylpyrazole was also prepared via α-oxo ketene N,O-acetal by way of ring chain transformation.
A New Synthetic Route to 5-Isoxazolamines
Gang LIU , Zhi Qin WANG
1999, 10(8): 647-650
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5-Isoxazolamines were synthesized from a-cyano-p-vitro compounds by treatment with titanium trichloride.
Synthesis of 2S-Hydroxymethyl-3R, 4R-dihydroxypyrrolidine
Zhen CHEN , Ren Yun WANG , Li Lian ZHU , Xiao Tian LIANG
1999, 10(8): 651-652
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The sythesis of 2S-hydroxymethyl-3R. 4R-dihydroxypyrrolidine from D-arabinose was described in this paper.
Total Synthesis of (±)-Cordatolide A and its Anti-HIV Activity
Qi GAO , Lin WANG , Xiao Tian LIANG
1999, 10(8): 653-656
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The natural product(±)-cordatolide A has been synthesized by a four-step approach starting from phloroglucinol. including Pechmann reaction, Friedel-Crafts acylation, cyclization, chromenylation and Luche reduction.
Study on the Total Synthesis of Hainanolide(Ⅴ)-Oxidation of the Tricyclic Alkenes with Singlet Oxygen
Xiao Ming YU , Lu Yan ZHANG , Shi Zhi CHEN , Liang HUANG
1999, 10(8): 657-658
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Six tricyclic compounds containing C3, C4 double bonds were oxidized with singlet oxygen. Different regio-selectivity was found with regard to steric hinderence.
Synthesis of New Near-infrared Fluorescent Dyes
Jiang LONG , Yong Mei WANG , Ji Ben MENG
1999, 10(8): 659-660
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A new near-infrared fluorescent dye, 9-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-methylamino-6-carbethoxy-SH-benzo[a]phenoxazin-5-one 1, was prepared from the reaction of N-(2-hydroxy-ethyl)-N-methyl-4-nitrosoaniline hydrochloride and ethyl 1,3-dihydroxynaphthoate. Five more fluorescent compounds were synthesized by the reaction of the resulting dye 1 with appropriate amino acid or carboxylic acids.
Synthesis of O-Glycosides of Heteroatom Aroyl-Suhstituted Heterocyclic Ketene Aminals
Qiang YANG , Zhan Jiang LI , Zhi Tang HUANG
1999, 10(8): 661-664
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Heteroatom amyl-substituted heterocyclic ketene aminals 1 reacted with 2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-α-D-glucopyranosyl bromide 2 under the catalysis of Hg(CN)2 or CaH2 to give E-or Z-O-glycosides of heterocyclic ketene aminals 3 or 4 in moderate yields.
Synthesis of Arsamacrocyclic Polyethers
Xin You CHEN , Guo Feng YU , Wen Tian TAO
1999, 10(8): 665-666
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The synthesis of eight new arsamacrocyclic Polyethers was described. The structures of these compounds were characterized by elemental analysis, IR, 1H-NMR and MS.
Structural Design and Property Characterization of Bi-functional Photorefractive Polymer
Yi Wang CHEN , Yuan Kang HE , Hui Ying CHEN , Feng WANG , Qi Huang GONG
1999, 10(8): 667-670
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A novel bi-functional photorefractive acrylate polymer with pendant carbazolyl groups and azo derivatives as side chains was synthesized. Photorefractive experiments showed a high twobeam coupling gain coefficient of 93 cm-1, diffraction efficiency of 12% and electro-optic coefficient of 26 pm/V were obtained.
A New Azafluorenone Alkaloid from Alphonsea Monogyma
Ning XIE , Nian Yun YANG
1999, 10(8): 671-672
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A new azafluorenone (onychine) alkaloid, 6,7-dimethoxy-5-hydroxy-onychine. was isolated from the stem and branch of Alphonsea monogyma. Its structure was established mainly on the basis of spectral analysis.
A new Kaurane Derivative from Aralia Fargesii
Yu Mei ZHANG , Jun Shan YANG , Xu Dong XU
1999, 10(8): 673-674
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A new ent-kaurane diterpene was isolated from the rhizome of Aralia fargesii. On the basis of chemical and spectral evidences, its structure was established as 16a-hydroxy-l7-isovaleroyloxy-ent-kauran-l9-oic acid.
A New Oxoaporphine Alkaloid from Alphonsea Mollis Dun
Ning XIE , Zhi Hua CHENG , Xiao Gan YU
1999, 10(8): 675-676
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A new oxoaporphine alkaloid, 1,2-methylene-dioxy-8-hydroxy-5-methoxy oxoaporphine, was isolated from the stem barks of Alphonsea mollis. Its structure was established on the basis of spectral analysis and chemical corcelation
Studies on the Coordination of Pr(Ⅲ) with Adrenaline by Potentiometry and Absorption Spectroscopy
Feng GAO , Jing Fen HAN , Zhi Jian WU , Yue WANG , Kui Yue YANG , Chun Ji NIU , Jia Zuan NI
1999, 10(8): 677-678
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The stability constant for complex of Pr(Ⅲ) with adrenaline has been determined by potentiometric titration under biological conditions (37℃ and O.15mo1/L NaCI). The absorption spectra of the Pr(III)-adrenaline system exhibit characteristic bands of Pr(Ⅲ) at lower pH values. However, the charge transfer band which is due to the coordination of Pr(Ⅲ) with adrenaline has been observed at higher pH values.
Synthesis of Pyrazolines Used as Blue Organic Electroluminescence Materials
Zhi Yun LU , Wei Guo ZHU , Qing JIANG , Ming Gui XIE
1999, 10(8): 679-682
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Three kinds of pyrazolines were designed and synthesized. Their structures were elucidated by IR, 1HNMR MS, UV and elemental analysis. Their luminescent properties were determined, which indicated that they had strong blue fluorescent properties. One of them was designed to have good film formation. All the three kinds of pyrazolines can be used as blue organic electroluminescence materials (OELMs)
Synthesis and Fluorescence Property of A New Subphthalocyanine
Xiao Bing WANG , Dai Hua TANG , Zhen ZHEN , Jian Cheng ZHANG , Xin Hou LIU
1999, 10(8): 683-684
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A new soluble subphthalocyanine was first prepared and its fluorescence property was investigated. It exhibited both S1 and S2 emissions, of which the quantum yields and the lifetimes were measured.
Bis-radicals (nitronyl nitroxide and imino nitroxide) Substituted Benzene with Long Alkyl Chain: Synthesis, Magnetic Study and Formation of LB film
De Qing ZHANG , Liang DING , Yu XU , Dao Ben ZHU
1999, 10(8): 685-688
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The titled compound 1 as well as compounds 2 and with similar chemical structures were prepared and characterized. The magnetic properties of 1 were investigated with SQUID (MPMS, quantum design) magnetometer. Studies with Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) technique indicated that stable condensed film of 1 could be formed at air-water interface and could be transferred onto various solid substrate under suitable conditions.
Study on the Tautomerism of an Indoline Spiropyran in Compressed CO2 and Ethanol Mixture
Xi Feng ZHANG , Qiang SUI , Bu Xing HAN , Hai Ke YAN , Yan Qiao WANG
1999, 10(8): 689-690
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Thermodynamic and kinetic properties of the tautomerism of an indoline spiropyran in compressed CO2-ethanol mixture were studied by UV-Vis spectroscopy at 298.15 K, 303.15 K, and 308.15 K. It was found that the composition of the mixture affects the equilibrium constant and the rate constant significantly.
The Effect of Rare Earth on the Activity of Methanol Synthesis Catalyst
Hong Tao MA , Guo Cai DENG , Xian Zhi GUO , Run Ti CHEN
1999, 10(8): 691-692
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In this paper several rare earth oxides were added into methanol synthesis catalyst by solid-mixing method to improve the activity of methanol synthesis catalyst. Nd2O3, CeO2, La2O3 and Sm2O3 decrease the catalyst activity, while Pr2O3, Gd2O3 and Eu2O3 increase the methanol yield.
Novel Photochromic Compounds Responding to InGaN Diode Laser;Synthesis and Photochromic Behavior of Dibenzothiophenylcycloalkenes
Ping FAN , Zhen Nian HUANG , Jiang Bin XIA , Yang Fu MING , Mei Gong FAN
1999, 10(8): 693-696
[Abstract](165) [FullText HTML] [PDF 133KB](1)
1. 2-bis(3-Methylbenzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)cycloalkene derivatives 3a, 3b and 1-(2-methylbenzo[b]thiophen-3-yl)-2-(3-methylbenzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)cyclohexene 9 were synthesized. The obtained compounds exhibited photochromic property and the absorption bands of the colored forms 4a. 4b and 10 centered between 360-440 nm thus possessing the sensitivity at the wavelength of the newly developed InGaN diode laser.
Synthcsis, Structure and Magnetochemistry of a New Hexanuclear Manganese Oxide Complex of the Formula [Mn6O2 (O2CPh)10(CH3CN)4]
Jin AN , Zhi Da CHEN , Jiang BIAN , Shi Xi WANG , Guang Xian XU
1999, 10(8): 697-700
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The reported X-ray structure and magnetochemical properties of [Mn6O2 (OCPh)10 (CH3CN)4], effectively derived from [NBu4][Mn402 (O2CPh)9 (H2O)] with equivalent of tren in CH3CN is shown.
Catalytic Hydrogenation of Diacetyl Monoxime to Tetramethylpyrazine with the Soluble Transition Metal Catalysts
Xiang Yu WANG , Xiao Ming ZHENG , Zhao Yin HOU
1999, 10(8): 701-704
[Abstract](142) [FullText HTML] [PDF 145KB](1)
Catalytic hydrogenation of diacetyl monoxime to tetramethylpyrazine, by the homogeneous catalysts generated in situ from some transition metal chlorides with triphenylphosphine in ethanol under H2 pressure of 0.6~4.6 MPa at 100~150℃, has been studied. The optimum H2 partial pressure was observed at about 1.3 MPa. The maximum conversion of diacetyl monoxime and yield of tetramethylpyrazine were 97% and 90%, respectively.
Synthesis, Structure of Organophosphonyl Polyoxotungstates of Formula [C6H11P(O)]2 Xn+W11O39(8-n)-(Xn+=P5+, Si4+, B3+, Ga3+)
Zhen Gang SUN , Jing Fu LIU , Xiao Hong WANG , Shu Mei YUE , Jian Xin LI
1999, 10(8): 705-706
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Cyclohexanephosphonyl heterupulyundecatungstates of formula [C6H11P(O)]2 Xn+W11O39(8-n)-(Xn+=P5+, Si4+, B3+, Ga3+)have been prepared. puritied and characterized by elemental analysis. 1R and 1H. 31P and 183W NMR.
Synthesis and Structures of New Borophosphates (B1-XMX)PO4 (M=Mn,Fe,Co,Ni,Cu) with Orthorhombic Low-Cristobalite Type
Jin Xiao MI , Shao Yu MAO , Zai Hong CHEN , Zhong Le HUANG , Jing Tai ZHAO
1999, 10(8): 707-708
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The first reported (B1-xMx)PO4 (M=Mn. Fe. Co. Ni. Cu) compounds were synthesized by high temperature solid state methods and the structures refined from X-ray powder data. The transition metal substitutions on the boron site stabilized the structure to the orthorhombic low-cristobalite type with average volumes per tetrahedral unit 300% larger than that in BPO4 and novel catalytic properties are expected. The magnetic data indicate the 3+ valences for the metals.
Preparation of the Phosphors BaAl2O4:Eu, RE (RE=Dy, Ho) by Microwave Heating Technique and Observation of Long Phosphorescence
Ying Liang LIU , Xiao Ming TANG , Xi De CHEN , Bing Fu LEI , De Xiong FENG
1999, 10(8): 709-712
[Abstract](141) [FullText HTML] [PDF 144KB](1)
The phosphors BaAl2O4Eu2+. RE (RE=Dy,Ho) have been prepared by the microwave heating technique. The long-lasting phosphorescence in the phosphors of the barium aluminate activated with europium and other rare earths has been observed for the first limy
The Effect of Al3+, Na+, NH4+ on Ti Content in the Preparation of Ti-ZSM-5
Cheng Hua XU , Shao Jie LU , Gui Ying DENG , Fa Li QIU
1999, 10(8): 713-716
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Thc effeet of Al2+. NH4, Na+ on the Ti content in the pmparation of Ti-ZSM-5 by the isomorphous substitution of ZSM-5 using gaseous TiCl4 as titanium resource has heen im estigatcd It is surprisingly found that although the direef ratio exists heween the Ti conmnt and the content of the skeletal Al:y=(0.08x2+0.57x+1.23 (hereyrepresents TiO2% and xreprcwnts Al2O3%). but the catalytic activities of Ti-ZSM-5 for the oxidation of styrene sharply rise with the decrease of TiO2%. The skeletal Al hinders the Ti incorporation into the framework of molmular sim, characterised by FT-IR chniyuc. At the same time. NH4+ ion has no etlcct on the Ti incorporation. but Na ion does.
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