1997 Volume 8 Issue 11

Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reaction of 1-(SR)-p-Tolylsulfinyl-3-penten-2-one with Cyclopentadiene Catalzed by a Chiral Titanium Reagent
Wen PEI , Eiji WADA , Shuji KANEMASA
1997, 8(11): 935-936
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Double asymmetric Diels-Alder reaction of 1-(SR)-p-Tolylsulfinyl-3-penten-2-one with cyclopentadiene using a chiral titanium reagent was performed.The diastereoselectivity dependent on the size of aryl substituent involved in the chiral ligands was discussed.Absolute configuration of the cycloadducts was confirmed.Dramatic reversal of selectivity is observed.
Study on the Reaction of α-Thiobenzoylthioformylmorpholine
Run Sheng ZENG , Jian Ping ZOU , Ai Feng WANG , Zhong ELU
1997, 8(11): 937-938
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The reactions of α-thiobenzoylthioformylmorpholine and compounds bearing amino group,such as diamine,aminoguanidine,semicarbazide and phenylacetylene have been explored.
Studies on the synthesis and antifungal activity of thiochromanone derivatives
Lin FANG , Chum GUO , Qi Bing ZHANG
1997, 8(11): 939-942
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In this paper nine New Mannich bases of 6-fluoro-thiochromanone and eight new 3-substituted-6.8-dichloro thiochromanones were synthesized and their structures were confirmed by IR,1H-NMR and elementary analysis.Most of these compounds showed excellent antifungal activity.
Synthesis of α-[2-(2,4-Dichlorophenoxy) Propionyloxy] Alkyl Phosphonates
Jun WANG , Hong Wu HE , Zhao Jie LIU
1997, 8(11): 943-944
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The synthesis of thirteen new compounds α-[2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) propionyloxy]alkyl phosphonates was described.The structures of these compounds were characterized by IR,1H-NMR and MS.
The Preparation of Unsymmetrical Diaminodimethylsilanes and the Cleavage of Silicon-Nitrogen Bonds by Acid Chloride
Guo Bin RONG , Ru Jian MA , Chong Ying ZHOU , Zhu Liang JIN , Wan Nian WU , Qing WANG
1997, 8(11): 945-946
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Seven unsymmetrical diaminodimethylsilanes were prepared.The reactions of these silylamine with benzoyl chloride indicated that in comparison with electronic,the steric effect played more important role on the reactivity of Si-N bond.As a new method,unsymmetrical diamide can be produced by the reaction of the title compounds with diacid chloride.
Investigation of Plant Systemic Organoselena Compounds (Ⅰ) Synthesis of Selena-Morpholind and its Derivatives
Han Sheng XU , Jun WU , Wei Ping LI , Xiu Fang LIU
1997, 8(11): 947-948
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The synthesis of selena-morpholine and its derivatives is described.
Chiral Synthesis of the Key Intermediate of Diterpenoids
Xiao-Jiang HAO , Manabu NODE , Kaoru FUJI
1997, 8(11): 949-950
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(-)-Methyl(4R,5S,10R)-14-methoxypodocarpa-8,11,13-triene-19-oate(1),which is the key intermediate for synthesis of diterpenoids,was synthesized from (R)-(+)-2-methyl-2-(2'-nitrovinyl)-δ-valerolactone (2).
Chiral Synthesis of the Intermediate of (-)-Gibberellin A12
Xiao-Jiang HAO , Manabu NODE , Kaoru FUJI
1997, 8(11): 951-952
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(-)-Dimethyl(1R,4aS)-1,4a-dimethyl-6-nitro-1,2,3,4,4a-pentahydrofluorene-1,9-dicarboxy-late (1) was synthesized from (R)-(+)-2-methyl-2-(2'-nitrovinyl)-δ-valerolactone (2),which constitutes a formal total synthesis of (-)-gibberellin A12.
Preparation And Characterization of a New Blend of Poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) And Poly (ethylene glycol)
Wei Bin CHEN , Han Qiao FENG , Da Yong HE , Chao Hui YE
1997, 8(11): 953-956
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A new blend of poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (PHEMA) with poly (ethylene glycol) (PEG) was prepared.The results from solid-state NMR indicate that the PHEMA/PEG(88:12,w/w) blend is miscible on a molecular level.
The Total Synthesis of (±)-Hinesol and (±)-Agarospirol
Jin Jun WANG , Chang Jin , YUE Jun QIU , Cang Yi QIAN
1997, 8(11): 957-960
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A mild base-catalyzed retro-benzilic acid rearrangement of a proto-[2+2] photo-cycloadduct,formed in highly steroselective photoaddition of methyl 2,4-dioxo-pentanoate to 1,5-dimethyl-6-methylenecyclohexene,afforded a spiro[4,5] decenedione from which hinesol and agarospirol were synthesized by means of reductive elimination of α-diketone and C1-homologation.
Two New Sesquiterpenes from Celastrus Paniculatus.Subsp.Paniculatus
Kun ZHANG , Yan Hong WANG , Yao Zu CHEN
1997, 8(11): 961-964
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Two new β-dihydroagarofuran sesquiterpene polyol esters were isolated from Celastrus paniculatus.subsp.paniculatus.Their Structures were deduced on the basis of spectral analyses including 2D NMR.CO2 supercritical fluid was used in separation.
A New Spirostanol Saponin from Allium Chinense
Yong JIANG , Nai Li WANG , Xin Sheng YAO , Susumu KITANAKA
1997, 8(11): 965-966
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A new spirostanol saponin,named chinenoside ,was isolated from the bulbs of Allium chinense.On the basis of spectral data and chemical evidence,its structure was established as:25 (R)-24-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-3β,24β-dihydroxy-5α-spirost-3-O-α-L-arabinopyranosyl-(1→6)-β-D-glucopyranoside.
Diterpenoid Alkaloids from Aconitum Pendulum
Suo Ming ZHANG , Long Quan TAN , Qing Yu OU
1997, 8(11): 967-970
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A new diterpenoid 12-epiacetyldehydrolucidusculline (1) and a new norditerpenoid alkaloid 2-hydroxydeoxyaconitine (2) were isolated from the roots of Aconitum pendulum together with eight known alkaloids aconitine (3),deoxyaconitine (4),3-acetylaconitine (5),12-epiacetyldehydronapelline (6),dehydrolucidusculline (7),dehydronapelline (8),12-epidehydronapelline (9),and noeline (10).The structures of the new alkaloids (1-2) were determined on the basis of spectral method.
A New Annonaceous Acetogenin from Goniothalamus Gardneri
Ying CHEN , Ruo Yun CHEN , De Quan YU
1997, 8(11): 971-974
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A new monotetrahydrofuran Annonaceous acetogenin,gardnerin (1) was isolated from the roots of Goniothalamus gardneri Hook.f.et.Thoms.This compound possesses five hydroxyl groups,with two hydroxyl groups at C-8 and C-10 positions.The absolute stereochemistry at 8-OH and 10-OH positions was determined by converting 1 to its ketolactone isomer,2,4-cis/trans gardnerin.Bioactivities of this new compound against human tumor cell lines are reported.Five known acetogenin compounds gigantetrocin A and B,annonacin,goniothalamicin,isoannonacin were also found.
PARM:a New QSAR Research Method Based on Genetic Algorithm
Hong Ming CHEN , Jia Ju ZHOU , Tian Rui REN , Gui Rong XIE
1997, 8(11): 975-978
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Based on Walters' GERM[3](Genetic Evolved Receptor Model) algorithm,an improved algorithm PARM(Pseudo Atomic Receptor Model) was put forward.PARM uses combination of genetic algorithm and cross-validation technique to produce atomic-level pseudo receptor model,based on a set of known structure-activity relationship.This algorithm has been applied to one system and afforded reasonable results.
Activation of Carcinogenic Non-aminoazo Compounds in Horseradish Peroxidase/H2O2 System
Min ZHU , Xue Mei HUANG , Han Xi SHEN
1997, 8(11): 979-982
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Eriochrome black T and Nitrosulfophenol S were advocated as the chemical models of carcinogenic non-aminoazo compounds.The main products of their oxidative cleavage in horseradish peroxidase/H2O2 system was identified as the benezenediazonium ion,the ultimate carcinogens,which could bind to DNA.The reaction conditions were investigated preliminarily.Some inhibitors and inducers of the reaction were discovered.
Indirect Spectrophotometric Determination of Sulphide with the Complex of Cd(Ⅱ)-5-Br-PADAP-CPB
Zhen Yu Zhang , Wei An Liang
1997, 8(11): 983-984
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By the use of CPB,Cd(Ⅲ) forms a highly sensitive complex with 5-Br-PADAP in aqueous solution,molar absorptivity ε is 1.21×1051.mol-1·cm-1.Trace amount of sulphide can be determined from its effect on the complex of Cd (Ⅲ)-5-Br-PADAP-CPB,sulphide in the range 0~3.2×10-6mol dm-3 causes a decrease in absorption,that is a linear function of the concentration.For 13ng cm-3 sulphide,common metal ions such as Na+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+,Al3+ and anions such as CO32- (24μg cm-3),S2O32-(22μg cm-3),PO43-(20μg cm-3) etc.do not interfere.A method for the indirect determination of sulphide in beer and industrial waste water with good selectivity and accuracy is described.
Enhancement of Selectivity in Capillary Zone Electrophoresis by Adding Ethanolamines or Ethylamines in the Running Buffer
Yi Yang DONG , Ai Jin HUANG , Yi Liang SUN
1997, 8(11): 985-988
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Mono-,di-,tri-ethanolamines and di-,tri-ethylamines were used to prepare phosphate buffer at pH 2.5 and shown to be capable of enhancing the separation selectivity of chiral drug pinacidil and melittin in bee venom in capillary zone electrophoresis.The reason is due to the reduction of the average apparent mobilities of the analytes.
Quantitative Analysis of Anti-hypertensive Compound Formulations by Capillary Zone Electropboresis
Bi Yun SUN , Ai Jin HUANG , Yi Liang SUN , Zeng Pei SUN
1997, 8(11): 989-992
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Two capillary electrophoresis methods were developed for the determination of the active constituents in four anti-hypertensive formulations.These active constituents are nitrendipine and atenolol in Tabellae Nile,and hydrochlorothiazide,amiloride hydrochloride,captopril,and enalapril maleate in three other tablet formulations,respectively The internal standard method was employed for quantitation with RSD between 1.2~4.3%,recoveries ranging from 93.1~101.0%.
A New Thionine Modified Electrode by Anchorage to Bi-(2-aminoethyl)-aminodithiocarboxyl Acid Self-assembled Monolayers through Coordination with Cu2+
Jing Juan XU , Hong Yuan CHEN , Rui Qun FANG
1997, 8(11): 993-996
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A new method for preparing chemically modified gold electrode by anchoring thionine to self-assembled bi-(2-aminoethyl)-aminodithiocarboxyl acid(BADTC) monolayers through coordination with Cu2+ is described.This thionine modified electrode exhibits two new redox couples.Two protons were involved in the electrochemical process undergone by the couple I in the pH range of 5.0-10.0.The apparent surface electron transfer rate constant is about 0.050s-1.
Synthesis of Mn(Ⅲ) Complexes of New “Tailed” Porphyrins and Their Application as Carriers for PVC Membrane SCN-Anion-Selective Electrode
Zhi Xian ZHOU , Tie Sheng LI , Yu Zhong WANG , Yang Jie WU
1997, 8(11): 997-1000
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Three new "tailed" porphyrins and their corresponding Mn(Ⅲ) metalloporphyrins were synthesized and characterized.The potentiometric response characteristics of the PVC membrane electrode based on the Mn(Ⅲ) complexes of the three new "tailed" porphyrins toward SCN- have been studied.
Study of RLT Filtration for Staircase and Normal Pulse Voltammetry
Xiao Ping ZHENG , Min ZHANG , Jin Yuan MO
1997, 8(11): 1001-1002
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RLT filtration——a new method to separate faradaic current from extraneous currents applied in potential step scan voltammetry was first proposed.The current equation of potential step scan voltammetry has been deduced.The theory and the process of RLT filtration are presented.The curve shapes and the properties of normal pulse voltammetry of reversible reactions have been studied.
XPS Study on Water-Soluble Polymer Surfactant Film
Jian XU , Liang He SHI , Mei Ling YE
1997, 8(11): 1003-1004
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By means of changing the detection angle,the molecular conformation of a new type of polymer surfactant,acrylamide-poly(oxyethylene alkyl ether)acrylate-anionic monomer random copolymer,was studied by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS) in detail.
Hydrogen Diffusion in Amorphous Ti0.88Ni1.00 Film
Jing Song HUANG , Feng Yi YAO , Jin Ping WEI , Zuo Xiang ZHOU , Wei Kang HU
1997, 8(11): 1005-1006
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Hydrogen diffusion coefficients in amorphous Ti0.88Ni1.00 film were measured using electrochemical permeation technique.Diffusion coefficients increased with increasing hydrogen concentration.Activation energy of hydrogen diffusion was determined through measurement of the steady state anodic diffusion current density as a function of temperature,and an equation was derived to calculate the activation energy.
Laser Induced Photoelectron Impact Ionization In Multiphoton Ionization Process
Li WANG , Hai Yang LI , Ji Ling BAI , Dong Xu DAI , Ju Long SUN , Ri Chang LU
1997, 8(11): 1007-1010
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Multiply charged ions of Ar and NO were observed in MPI experiment of NO/Ar with TOF-MS.A delayable pulsed acceleration field was applied to investigate the effect of the photoelectrons on the formation of the multiply charged ions.The multiply charged ions were suggested to be produced by photoelectron impact ionization,in the region between the extractor grid and the repeller plate,step by step,from neutral species and lower charged ions.The 50-60ns of FWHM of the ion peaks implies that the pulse width of the photoelectrons should be shorter considering the broadening effect during the ionization process.
Synthesis and Magnetic Studies of Oxamido-Bridged Cu(Ⅱ)-Fe(Ⅱ)Heterobinuclear Complexes
Cui Wei YAN , Yan Tuan LI , Dai Zheng LIAO
1997, 8(11): 1011-1012
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Two μ-oxamido complexes,[Cu(oxae)Fe(phen)2]SO4(1) and[Cu(oxae)Fe-(NO2-phen)2]SO4(2) were synthesized and characterized.The magnetism of complex (1) was studied.
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